COVID-19 surveillance in Social Networks

The context before COVID-19

It is essential for the authorities to carry out a monitoring of digital identities in Social Networks in these moments of uncertainty, to answer different types of questions:

  • What is the sentiment about the crisis management?
  • What citizens say about the Government and the measures applied?
  • Which profiles or hashtags encourage subversive movements?
  • Which spread fake news or lead mass movements?
  • In which areas do citizens feel unprotected or forgotten?
  • What is the physical location of users who publish?


Mollitiam. Open Source Intelligence solutions (OSINT)

Mollitiam Industries helps the authorities to measure the population sentiment towards the management of the crisis, supporting the prevention of destabilization movements and the enforcement of confinement orders.

PHOENIX, Mollitiam’s social media intelligence platform, allows the real-time analysis of massive volumes of information providing dashboards and critical alerts for the COVID-19 crisis management.

All this, thanks to the use of our technologies, through advanced techniques and Artificial Intelligence applications, to offer:

  • Relationship graphs and influence networks
  • Geographic maps and location
  • Identification of trends
  • Discovery of actors
  • Sentiment analysis


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